mülü - 100% real milk super drink

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% Real Milk


Grams of Protein




% DV Calcium

With essential nutrients and wholesome protein, mülü powers minds and bodies to do their best because it’s 100% real milk.

Real & Delicious

mülü is 100% real shelf-stable milk from family farms that’s a healthy choice, with no added preservatives. With traditional, lactose-free and really good chocolate, our varieties pack in the nutrients of real milk with the flavors kids love.

Easy As...

Conveniently packaged to be shelf-stable, leave mülü in dry storage until ready to refrigerate and serve. Kids also love our self-adhered straw for easy drinking.

Common Cents

With a longer shelf-life compared to milk packaged in refrigerated cartons or jugs, mülü reduces category shrink rate.

If you are a distributor or retailer and are interested in selling mülü, send us a message.

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